Patented Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch 

For Yogurt Packaging


The only pouch with a built-in sipping straw feature!

Just squeeze the pouch and sip the yogurt through the straw

Low cost, easy to use, easy disposal, high-speed production, and the elimination of the need for any item such as a spoon makes the Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch the perfect packaging for yogurt.

The Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch is made entirely from low cost, light-weight flexible packaging materials. It can be made in any popular size including portion packs of 3 oz., 5 oz., 8 oz. or more. The 5 oz. packaging is estimated to cost less than 4¢ each in volume quantities (50,000,000 packs / year) including the patent royalty.

Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch is easy to use, allows for maximum evacuation of the product and collapses into a small mass for efficient disposal.

SqueezyStraw PrototypeThe most important advantages of Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch are:

√ Wide variety of sizes and shapes available

√ The lowest cost for producing a single serve dispensing package

√ Made entirely of light weight, low-cost flexible packaging materials

√ Portable & durable and easy to use (requires no spoon, cup or straw)

√ Great package for Grab ‘n Go applications

Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch patented technology is available for licensing from Barton Group LLC. See for details.

Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch is produced on a horizontal thermoform / fill / seal machine equipped with die-cutting capabilities such as Multivac. The 8 oz. prototype shown at right above was produced on a Multivac (, estimated to cost $500,000 to $1,000,000, depending on production requirements. The high speed version of this machine can produce 300 to 400 packs a minute, depending on product viscosity.

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