Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch

For Nutraceuticals

The only pouch with a built-in sipping straw feature!
Just squeeze the pouch and sip the nutraceutical through the straw

The new Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch provides an excellent packaging option for nutraceutical products.

Nutritional Supplement PackagingStand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch is made entirely from low cost, light-weight flexible packaging materials and can be produced in many sizes. An 8-oz. size would cost approximately 4¢ each for packaging materials and royalties, in large volumes (50 million / year).

SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch provides a squeeze feature allowing for maximum evacuation, including single serve packs such as the original flat pack shown on the left.

squeezystraw-flat-correctImportant advantages of SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouches:

√ Tamper evident
√ wide variety of sizes and shapes available
√ The lowest cost for producing a dispensing pouch
√ Made entirely of light-weight, low-cost flexible packaging materials
√ Portable, durable and easy to use (requires no spoon, cup or straw)
√ Great package for Grab ‘n’ Go applications

Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch is made on horizontal thermoform / fill / seal machines equipped with die-cutting capabilities such as a Multivac.

Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch is a patented technology available for licensing from Barton Group LLC. See for details or call us at 917-647-6388.

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