SqueezySureSip™ Dispensing Pouch for Health Care Patient Beverage Service

SqueezySureSip™ is the best new option for patient beverage service in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

Virtually SPILL PROOF packaging for patient beverages such as juices, milk, nutritional supplements, etc.

Also perfect for single serve puddings, cottage cheese, yogurt and other flowable products.

The SqueezySureSip™ pouch can be designed to be freeze / thaw, or in many cases microwavable for products such as macaroni & cheese or chili con carne.

The most important advantages of SqueezySureSip™ pouch are:

√Tamper evident

√ Wide variety of sizes and shapes available

√ The lowest cost for producing a single serve dispensing package

√ Made entirely of light weight, low-cost flexible packaging materials

√ Easy to use (requires no spoon, cup or straw)

SqueezySureSip™ Dispensing Pouch patented technology is available for licensing from Barton Group LLC. See www.squeezystraw.com for details or contact Lew Barton at lb@consultbarton.com