SqueezySip™ Stand-Up Dispensing Pouch – No Straw or Spoon Needed

The new SqueezySip™ Stand-Up Dispensing Pouches have been designed with a shorter outboard dispensing tube (compared to the original SqueezyStraw™) for several reasons.

First, it’s more efficient in the use of the packaging material and more productive in the manufacturing process. Second, it’s more responsive to the consumers’ interest in minimizing packaging materials usage. Third and possibly most important, the size of the tube, both height and width, is variable!

The integral, built-in, dispensing tube provides for easy, convenient use by consumers.

The SqueezySip™ Stand Up Dispensing Pouch technology allows for the width of the outboard dispensing tube to be sized to allow for thick products as well as inclusions and particulates! The size of the outboard dispensing tube can be adjusted to accommodate any product consistency, with or without particulates, at virtually no additional cost.