New SqueezyEasy™ Dispensing Pouch for Beverages and Other Liquid Products Developed by The Barton Group LLC

The new SqueezyEasy™ Dispensing Pouch for beverages and other liquid products has been developed with patent pending by the Barton Group LLC (BGLLC).
  • Easy to use – a simple embedded dispensing spout is located in the tapered dispensing corner of the pouch
  • Easy to produce – on a cost-efficient, non-die-cutting, standard Horizontal / Thermo-forming / Fill / Seal machine
  • Easy money – an ultra-low-cost option for dispensing pouches – perfect for high-volume production of mass-marketing beverage products. The built-in dispensing feature eliminates the need for other accessories (straw, spoon, etc.)

As can be seen from the illustrations, the SqueezyEasy™ Dispensing Pouch takes the form of a parallelogram (or other trapezoidal shapes), utilizing the natural shape of that form to create a distinctive dispensing feature at the corner point of the formed pouch.

It is produced on horizontal thermo-form / fill / seal equipment such as Multivac and GEA, rigged with custom tooling conforming to the BGLLC Patents (issued and pending).

Additionally, as the pouch is formed, the bottom is drawn, forming the base of the stand-up pouch.

This patented technology is available for licensing from BGLLC. The technique will make a low-cost pouch in a wide variety of sizes, in high volume production, using low-cost, flexible packaging material.

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