Announcing SqueezyStraw™ Single-Serve Dispensing Pouch

GrapeDrink(revised3)SqueezyStraw™, the exciting new single-serve dispensing pouch with its own built-in, integral sipping straw, has now been made even more versatile with additional patent expansions by Barton Innovation Group. New features as shown below include:

  • New segmented straw section for easier consumer use
  • New merchandising feature for hanging on retail display racks
  • New stand-up pouch configuration available as an option

SqueezyStraw™ includes both a liquid-containing pouch and a straw, all in one piece. Simple, easy, and low-cost, it can accommodate all liquids – chilled, frozen or ambient. Opens easily with a simple tear notch.

The technology can produce virtually any single-serve package using conventional horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machinery.

Use SqueezyStraw™ single-serve dispensing pouch for individual portions of liquid products, single serve, grab-and-go beverage packs in a wide range of sizes. It can even be produced in a 3.4 ounce size that is within the current TSA maximum for carry-on liquid containers for air travelers.

Barton Innovation Group (BIG) seeks companies interested in licensing the SqueezyStraw™ single-serve dispensing pouch technology, including options for working with our technology partners to provide a total turnkey solution including packaging machinery and materials.

To learn more and discuss your interests, use our online contact form or call President Lew Barton at 917-647-6388.

COVERED BY U.S. Patents 8,430,266 and 8,381,941, and pending application for new features, with international rights anticipated in 2014.

Now Available With New Segmented Straw Section For Easier Consumer Use


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