Barton Group Announces Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch – New Stand-Up Pouch Technology

Iced Tea_1-27-16The Barton Group of New York announces development of a new low-cost, stand-up pouch technology, designed for a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid products.

Using specially configured horizontal thermoform/fill/seal machinery, a triangular package is created which, after being filled and sealed, forms a new, unique, patented Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Dispensing Pouch.

“This is a totally new approach to stand up pouch production and is adaptable for almost any application,” said Lew Barton, company president. “The stability of the package is built into the design, creating a low center-of-gravity by sizing the wall – which becomes the extended base – according to the application. Once the user takes the first sip from the pouch using the integrated straw, the center-of-gravity drops even further, making the pouch more stable, and that stability enhancement continues with each sip.”

Virtually any horizontal thermoform / fill / seal machine equipped with die-cutting capability can be tooled to produce the Stand Up Squeezy Straw™ Pouch, Barton said. Advantages of this new design include:

  • Low cost
  • High volume production
  • Elimination of the need for a straw or cup
  • Easy and efficient evacuation of contents
  • Easy and efficient disposal of empty pouch
  • Multiple merchandising tools available in the construction of the pouch

For more information, visit the home page of this website or contact Lew Barton at 81 Newtown Lane #309, East Hampton, NY 11937, call 917-647-6388.