New Big Shot Dispensing Pouch – The “Better Bag-In-Box”

The new BIG Shot™ dispensing pouch provides larger, flexible pouches with integral dispensing tubes for a wide range of “Bag-in-Box” applications.

BIG Shot™ Dispensing Pouch is low-cost, efficient and easy to use for dispensing all types of liquid products – ideal for foods, beverages and more.

The Better “Bag-in-Box”

Fill smaller containers from the BIG Shot™ Dispensing Pouch and make your operation faster, cleaner, more accurate and lower cost! Dispense portions of your product to their targets (such as ketchup onto french fries or salad dressing onto salads) quickly and conveniently.

This major advancement in Bag-in-Box type packaging eliminates the need for special fittings on the bag. It can also be used with many wall rack dispensing systems.

BIG Shot™ Dispensing Pouches can be produced in all typical Bag-in-Box sizes – 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon etc.

Barton Group LLC, developer of the BIG Shot™ technology, seeks companies interested in licensing this technology via patent licensing. We also assist licensees in identifying total turnkey solutions including packaging machinery and materials.

Contact President Lew Barton at 917-647-6388 to learn more!

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