SqueezyStraw™ Pouch Award-Winning Technology Provides Economical Packaging Options

SqueezyStraw™ Pouch MAIN BENEFITS

  • The lowest cost for producing a dispensing pouch
  • High-volume production
  • Portable, durable, and easy to use (requires no spoon, cup or straw)
  • Tamper evident
  • Freeze and thaw options
  • Microwavable in certain applications
  • Made entirely of light weight, low-cost flexible packaging materials
  • Easy to dispose
  • Wide variety of sizes and shape available
  • Great package for Grab ‘n Go applications

The SqueezyStraw™ Pouch Project business proposition is to license the patents to companies for use of this packaging technology to enhance their own products.

Lewis Barton, the inventor, has assigned his patents to the Barton Group LLC (BGLLC) and BGLLC is the licensor. Please call or email for a copy of the current schedule of licensing fees, using the contact information below.

The patents are all US patents only.

In addition to granting the license, BGLLC can also provide the licensee with guidance regarding the machinery needed to produce the package, including recommended machinery suppliers.

BGLLC can also offer the licensee advice on the flexible materials (the film) used for specific applications. Each application may require different film structures. For example, short shelf life and / or refrigerated products can use polyethylene film which can be described as recyclable. Other products may need longer shelf life terms which may need high barrier films.

These services are available, if needed, free of charge to SqueezyStraw™ Pouch Project licensees.

To learn more about licensing the patents and discuss your interests, contact Lew Barton via email at lb@lewbarton.com or call 917-647-6388.

*SqueezyStraw™ and related technology developed by Barton Group LLC are protected by U.S. patents 8,381,941; 8,430,266; 9,187,225; 9,815,606; 9,758,284; 10,059,498; 10,000,325; and 10,604,328.