Barton Group Partners With Dow To Promote Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch, A Totally New Technique For Producing Stand-Up Pouches

The Barton Group announces a new partnership with Dow to promote its innovative SqueezyStraw™ packaging technology - a new, low-cost, stand-up pouch solution, available for licensing immediately. Dow is working with The Barton Group – SqueezyStraw's inventor – to showcase prototypes and build awareness among converters and brand owners.

"When we first experienced the SqueezyStraw™ concept, we at Dow were excited," said Holly Dunnill, Dow Chemical Company's Marketing Director for NA F&SP. "We saw a combination of form and functionalities – a thermoformed stand-up-pouch with integrated straw! We saw new opportunities in the marketplace and advantages for the entire value chain. And we saw many ways in which we could help."

The new Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch is the only pouch with a built-in sipping straw feature! Just squeeze the pouch and sip through the straw.

Applications include:

The Stand Up SqueezyStraw™ Dispensing Pouch is a totally new approach to stand-up pouch production. The stability of the package is built into the design, creating a low center-of-gravity. As the user sips from the pouch, the center-of-gravity continues to drop, making the pouch increasingly more stable.

To learn more and discuss your interests, use our online contact form or call Company President Lew Barton at 917-647-6388.

*SqueezyStraw™ and related technology developed by Barton Group Inc. are protected by U.S. patents 8,430,266; 9,187,225; 9,758,284; 10,059,498; 10,000,325; and 8,381,941.